It’s May 30th and we’re in an unexpected cold snap – amplified by the fact we’ve just had what felt like a never-ending winter – so today’s entry in the 25 Songs in 25 Days challenge has the potential to either make me very happy

[sunny days DO exist!]

or remind me of how cold things can get

[more snow… erm… yay?]

Either way, casting my mind back to last summer is actually proving pretty difficult. Hang on a second…

I just went back and checked the blog and last summer was a kind of nebulous time for me – I had begun the six month cycle towards testing for my black belt last October/November – but I was also entering another cycle, feeling the pendulum swing after several years of very productive writing, back towards music, and back towards the need to make some money to sustain this life I’m lucky to live.

These latter cycles can be hard going, this one proved long and drawn out rather than short and deep. Thankfully, I came out the other side with some cool stuff in my business, a couple of records that just need a polish before release, and a broad and specific concept for my next writing project.

But a song that reminds me of the past summer?

Well, it would be too easy to just go for the big hits – Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, Daft Punk’s Get Lucky – because they really were so omnipresent for months. I particularly enjoy the funk of Daft Punk.

But given where I was last summer, where I went and where I ended up, I think it’s only right that I choose this.

Last summer, I really was a

Nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans, for nobody

And if that sounds bleak, it isn’t – for me, I’ve found I have to get nowhere before I’m able to get somewhere.


Vince Sig 131x89