OK, 25 songs in 25 days challenge, that’s a long list…

… and yet, what do I choose that I haven’t shared already?

Oh yeah, here’s one from that very long list: The Drugs Don’t Work by The Verve.

This is a song that, from its release, I loved.


… like a cat in a bag, waiting to drown…

is just jaw-dropping.

Harmonically, smooth chord progressions, lovely sonics.

Production-wise, the swoop up into the chorus, with back vocals. Gorgeous.

In early interviews, there was a connection to Richard Ashcroft‘s own drug use and, as I’ve never been particularly interested in, nor enamored with drug culture, I hadn’t really delved into the song other than to enjoy it as poetry.

Then, a few years back, my Dad was very sick and, at about the same time, I read

[in Q magazine, I think]

that this song was also about Richard Ashcroft father’s


treatment not working – suddenly, this song I’d loved as a listener, transcended boundaries and spoke to a piece of me that was living through similar pain with my own father.

As a result, some part of The Drugs Don’t Work is tethered to my emotions from that period, and it’s actually difficult to sing along with the song if I’m in a down place.

But sing it I do.


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