I gave myself a couple of rules when I started out on the 25 songs in 25 days challenge

  • Not to use the challenge to publicize my own music
  • Not to look forward beyond the current day

So far, I’ve been good on both of these – so, even though I hadn’t looked down the list, I somehow knew that today’s category was going to come along.

My favourite song.


I can’t say I have one.

I have many.

Because it depends on my mood, what I’m doing, how I want to feel, who I’m with, where I’m going… Music is such a force within me, around me and between the world and I, that it’s impossible to pin down one song.

It truly is.

I know songs of my own that bring me tremendous comfort, where I know the source of the muse, and the healing the song provides in the writing, playing and sharing.

But I’m not sharing my own songs.

So, I can’t tell you the two songs of mine that probably are my favourite songs ever.


My favourite song.

No, one of  my many favourite songs.

This performance, of this song, simply because it breaks my heart every time, for how it slowly dawns upon the crowd

[whooping and clapping along merrily, annoyingly at the start]

that they are experiencing something quite, quite amazing.

Roads by Portishead – one of my favourite songs, a master-class in intimacy, vulnerability and art as connection.


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