Just got back from a long weekend, camping in New Hampshire. What a great time! Some thoughts and reflections on the experience.

We were camping just outside Lincoln-Woodstock in the White Mountains region, so the first day was spent visiting a couple of river gorges.

First off, my favorite place of the weekend: Lost River Gorge – a long descent to the bottom of the gorge, then back up via caves and remarkable geology. The girls had a great time going through the cave formations and, when the cave permitted someone of my width to get through, so did Dad!

A bite to eat and then on to Flume Gorge – a longer trek here, less fun for the kids but with many more significant geological formations – vertical canyon walls, rushing waterfalls, vertiginous drops. Here are a couple of pics from the gorge itself:





Also, I now officially know where the treasure is buried:



I also wondered how much HR Giger was inspired by nature when he designed the original face-hugger for Alien:



Next morning, we were up early to take the kids to the Thrillsville Aerial Park at Alpine Adventures in Lincoln. Fantastic times

[highly, highly recommended]

and both kids proved themselves to be willing to face whatever fear they had and keep going:




That afternoon, we drove over to Mount Washington, the highest peak in the north-east of the US – an 8 mile drive up the Auto Road proved that I’m still able to pull up some adrenaline when I need to! Of course, the summit was swathed in clouds, but we can at least say we’ve been there! And, continuing a trend involving t-shirts and mountain tops, I made sure that my Spindrift Guitars t-shirt went with me ūüôā


All in all, it was a lovely weekend, though I do have to say that the region as a whole appeared to like Bro-country a little too much for my tastes…¬†Despite that,¬†I look forward to returning in the coming years – at a little over ¬†3 1/2 hours drive away, it’s more than earned some more of my time!

As always with camping, I look forward to my own bed tonight, appreciate the wonder of rock, wood, water, fire and air,  and value the sense of having disconnected from the machine even if just for a few days.


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