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Here’s another very early song, unlikely to be recorded formally.

A Small Release was written during a chemistry lecture, the morning after a particularly heavy night out

[as always, my song-writing/story-telling self pushing against the conformist]

Everyone needs a good hangover song, and I guess this is mine. The particular scent trigger provided the jumping off point for my endless question of “why?”

A Small Release – Vincent Tuckwood

this hangover cure
is a small release
but brief
It’s all I can do
to walk away
from the memory
of just how much
the holes in me
you filled with smiles
laughter your aide
with me not at me
you turned away
you walk
with someone else
your eyes are theirs
to gaze in as I did
but brief
but no more
you’re gone

and my piss smelled of beer this morning
because last night
I drank you
out of my head