You know that moment: you’re getting ready to write, drifting into your flow, when a song comes up on shuffle and completely distracts you? I hate that. I wanted longer pieces that didn’t demand I listen, and yet moved me further and deeper into my creative self.

The result is Writer’s Flow – Music For Writing; 3 extended pieces specifically designed to enhance creative flow and mood.

… listening to it while working on reports and cut my report timing by 25% (usually one hour, took me only 45 minutes and I was clearer on my presentation!)” ~M Vera

Samples of each piece are available to stream and full tracks for purchase at Bandcamp; listen here and, when you’re ready to take your writing to the next level, just hit the ‘buy’ link.

Full information on the project is available at; for now,  here are some basics:

Each piece is around 25 minutes long

[which supports the Pomodoro technique – I don’t personally chunk my writing, but you may, so I stuck with it in Writers Flow]

The tempo here is restful, but not soporific – neither musak nor meditation – and the loops and themes are designed to hook without distracting.

That’s right! This music doesn’t want you to pay attention; it’s a backdrop for your writing, so put it on in the background and fall into the page. In fact, you may find yourself distracted by the lack of distraction when first trying it! If so, keep going, you’ll soon find yourself easing into the flow.

I can’t promise that Writers Flow will make your story work, your blog have impact, or your dialogue snap. But I can tell you that Writer’s Flow – Music For Writing is designed to get you to the place where you can do exactly that.

So, set the volume to a comfortable background level, press play, and GET WRITING!


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