10 years ago, bloated bodies floated in the water of NOLA as Hurricane Katrina’s storm surge overcame the levees.

I dreamed of drowning; water as emotion, emotion as water.

With so many brothers and sisters from Louisiana, I knew that unlike other tragedies, I would be unable to look away, unable to avoid the reality of what was happening in a city and state that has brought me great friendship and love.

I faced the deluge with my eyes and heart wide open.

Sleepless, a riff emerged at 5 am – a first-take recording on my rarely-played Jackson Surfcaster, the file saved as Noodle giving name to the song that emerged; a song written as the government failed in its core duty, as the media painted the victims as somehow-deserving perpetrators, as the end-times were claimed.

And as the bodies floated.


10 years later, listening to Noodle, I close my eyes and find the flood.


Vince Sig 131x89


Live on a hill with the river below
Live in the desert where nothing will grow
Live undersea with no chance to stay dry
Watch the water rise

Its ebb and its flow and its surging deceit
It’s crashing upon me no chance of reprieve
Engulfed by the storm surge no will for the good
Swallowing the flood

Leave me to choking and trying to breathe
Leave me to dealing with all that you leave
Leave me to swallowing pride and conceit
Swallowing my tongue

Hold me down, I’ll try to break the surface
Hold me down, I’ll try to catch my breath
Hold me down, I’ll try to ignore all this
Hold me down, I’ll try to turn the tide

Voice, instruments – Vincent Tuckwood
All Rights Reserved, 2005
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Monkey68 Studios, CT

Photograph from