Over the course of the summer, I’ve been in training for my 2nd degree karate black-belt test

[two weeks from now ūüôā ]

which has entailed digging out of a deep, slothful hole – last year was a write-off in terms of fitness. Running has played a large part of my return to fitness and, as ever, I’m enjoying the process as well as the benefits.

A couple of years’ back I shared a number of videos that helped me improve my form and stamina.

If you read the post, you’ll know that,¬†for the past few years, I’ve been wearing Merrell barefoot shoes for running – and most of the time casually¬†– originally to address the lower back pain from which I suffered

[which turned out to be all about posture, some of which was foot balance]

Fast forward, to this last weekend, I was feeling a little twinge in my knee when I ran, so thought I’d step back into my ASICS running shoes (with cushioning) to give my tired legs a rest – they felt great on the run

[where I still focused on not striking with my heel]

so I wore them again on the next. But both yesterday and this morning, I woke up to a nagging lower back pain which I knew all too well. Also, I noticed some aching in the outer edge of my feet.

So ¬†today, I went back to my Merrell’s and ran a longer distance while maintaining pace. And my back feels fine.

[though I’ll be monitoring¬†closely for the next couple of days]

It’s amazing how something so simple as cushioning and heel-lift can show up in my back so quickly – and the fact that I knew what and why was reassuring. I’m interested to see how my back reacts to being back in the Merrell’s.

I am a commitment to earn my 2nd degree karate black-belt!


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