Now, more than ever I think, we are at the mercy of how others make us feel. 

Think marketers forcing our compulsive purchase by stimulating fear of shame.

Think comedians encouraging us to laugh at another’s misfortune.

Think of monied interests convincing us that the politician who’s the worst for us is our favourite.

And yes, think of this year’s latest terrorist atrocity driving us to fear, hate and blind retaliation.

We are at mercy of how others make us feel.

So I say that I am at the mercy of a 9-year old declining her umpteenth chemotherapy, her incredible grace and courage.

I’m at the mercy of musicians filling this night with love.

I’m at the mercy of a dog chasing a frisbee in the dog park, for its unrestrained passion for THIS THING RIGHT NOW.

And I am at the mercy of nos freres et souers de France who, despite their open wounds, are not turning back refugees.

I reject the shame, fear and hate that others would have me feel. 

I choose to dive deep into the pool of courage, love, passion & tolerance that warms me, and gives me hope for this lump of rock we share as it hurdles through the void.