Those who follow these things will have noticed that it’s been quiet here at for the past little while. The reason is simple – I’ve been very, very busy.

The good kind of busy; the kind of busy I thoroughly enjoy.

Since October, I

[and my partner-in-development, Nic]

have successfully developed and released three iOS apps, with more on the way. I’ll be sharing more on each of the apps in separate posts, however here’s the high level:


MgmtDNA – helping you lead, manage, and perform better in each moment, without having to read a million management books first.

Letter Grab

Letter Grab – like playing Hangman… On an Air Hockey table…

What's Playing

What’s Playing – a simplified playback overlay for the iOS Music App, once you’ve try it, you’ll use it all the time

Stay tuned for more information on each app.

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