Here’s what’s been on my mind

[aside from chasing clients for View Beyond LLC and, of course]

I’m just not getting around to putting together the next record. I have the songs, but I’m finding myself reluctant to set aside the deep chunk of time it’s going to take to do a full release.

And I’m also fighting my disillusionment with the level of interest in all of my records to date

[and, before you say it, I really appreciate the fact that people listen to, and enjoy, my music]

And, though I know that this is just an ongoing funk, I’m really feeling the mountain is too much to climb at the moment.

So, here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to stop releasing full length albums and, instead, start recording and releasing individual songs on a fairly regular basis – I’m actually thinking that I can do one a week. This will remove the BIG pressure and distribute it across a number of SMALLER pressures.

Doing it this way also enables me to be more (naturally) eclectic in my recording choices – instead of, for example, planning to record Sparse part II as a folk record. This way I’ll get to be acoustic one week and prog the next!

So I’m going to start in September – and see how it goes. Of course, I’ll release the songs to my sponsors at Patreon first, and they’ll get a week of private access before I go live with the public release on YouTube.

If there’s reasonable (any?) response to the songs, I may also look at taking performance videos of the recording process as well.

Stay tuned.