#1 in my A Song A Week challenge. For more information, read this blog post: https://vincet.net/2017/07/25/a-song-a-week/

Lot of intolerance in the news and in our day-to-day – time for everyone to get out of everyone else’s business. Face The Truth was written to protest early-90s UK homophobia and has, sadly, gained more relevance as the years have passed.


And if he doesn’t hurt you
Why do you intrude?
If he doesn’t cause you pain
By just trying to be happy?

You know the world
just keeps on piling
More problems into his life
And the floating doesn’t come easy
When he finds waves his only view

You take your moral standpoint
And you stick it down his throat
When all the time it’s just your insecurity
That makes you fear what you don’t know

Can’t you see he’s hurting no-one?
It’s a private affair, not any of your care
You are the intrusion
Can’t you just let him be

He’s just another man
And he’s getting pleasure in what ways he can
He’s just another main
And he’s not like you
Can’t you face the truth?

Words/Music – Vincent Tuckwood (all rights reserved, 1990)

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