And so he balled his fists
yelled at the world
all raging face
and spitting bile

Screamed how unfair
this baby sized ego
cloaked in man’s body
bald patch ablaze

Hammered the desk
certain of his thunder
His lion’s roar
Serengeti tantrum

Balled his fists
launched to his feet
Flecked and furious
ICBM out of control

But there was nothing

Nothing before him

Nothing to do

Nothing to fear




Down he sat
sighed relief
settled his heart
breathed deep

And quietly

So quietly

He scanned the casulaties
Bloody strewn bodies
blast radius buddies
Collateral damage

And he thought

“What’s for dinner?”

And he thought

“Let’s do it all again tomorrow…”

And he thought

“Today was a good day…”