Inventing Kenny – Adapted Screenplay

Log line: Can Kenny, a former child star turned drug addict turned car thief, find redemption when he chooses to play dad to a child he accidentally abducts?


Kenny is adrift in New York, tormented by the scars and memories of his unique upbringing as a child star in the UK, unable to form an abiding relationship with his junkie soul-mate, Ivvy, and chasing any addiction that can fill the void he carries at his core. Until one night he is presented with an unexpected chance for redemption when he finds a child in the back seat of a car he steals from a gas station in New Jersey. INVENTING KENNY is an intense personal account of an invented life, where all the norms of family are inverted, and of the damage done when the boundary between reality and television is truly no boundary at all.

When asked to describe INVENTING KENNY, I often say it’s like 3 MEN AND A BABY viewed through LESS THAN ZERO. Set in pre-9/11 New York city, INVENTING KENNY is gritty and compelling. INVENTING KENNY is an adaptation of my novel, Family Rules.