Certainty – Adapted Screenplay

Log line: An alcoholic artist must fight to escape the bottle, reclaim his muse, and save the love that can provide true meaning in his life.


When Ray, a jaded sea-view artist, encounters a man burning alive on the beach near his house, he has no idea that he is taking his first steps towards rebirth. Ray is drawn to the burnt man’s home, Certainty, where a drop-out commune gathers under the enigmatic Ged, a quasi-guru who quickly becomes a mirror for Ray’s spiritual search. As Ray opens himself to his new-found soul mate, Care, allowing her to heal long-buried hurt, he is targeted by the jealous, vicious Robinson, who has marked Care for his own. To save the love that can provide meaning in his life, Ray is forced to confront the dark under-belly of his muse, revisit the violent genesis of his art, and answer the climactic question: what price Certainty?

CERTAINTY is a compelling, independent drama with a strong philosophical underpinning. The screenplay was adapted in 2011/12 from the novel, Do Sparrows Eat Butterflies?, originally published in 2003.