Team Building – Original Screenplay

Log Line: A team of naive dot-commers are lured to an isolated island, and the deadly ‘Team Building’.


In this contemporary thriller, Alex Di Staglia and her co-founders in social change phenomenon,, are lured to an isolated Pacific North-West island to participate in team building. As the pressure increases to deadly ends, the team learns that their charismatic host, Jimmy McLeish, is far from dedicated to their success and survival. Trapped on Jimmy’s island and growing increasingly isolated, Alex must decide what she is willing to sacrifice in order to save her friends’ lives and the future of OuiChange.

When asked to describe TEAM BUILDING, I often say it’s like ALIEN on an island – only the alien is Scottish! TEAM BUILDING walks the fine line between thriller and horror; claustrophobic and tense, character-led all the way, with a ‘monster’ we hate to love. And, with its backdrop of social change, it has only gained greater resonance during the recent ‘Occupy…’ protests.